#dumpthejunk facts


Sweet treats

Whether it's cakes, chocolate, cookies or ice cream, you'll be cutting down on calories, fat and sugar by dumping sweet treats.

Cutting out a weekly muffin treat dumps nearly 2,000 calories over a month.

Ditching two chocolate bars a week means you can cut out 58 teaspoons of sugar over a month.


Savoury snacks

Cut down on calories, fat and salt by giving up crisps, salted nuts, sausage rolls and pasties.

If crisps are your downfall, cutting out your daily dose will save you 7,500 calories in June, equal to over 2lbs.

Dumping a daily sausage roll cuts over half a kilo of fat and 6 teaspoons of salt over the month.



A fan of takeaways? Challenge yourself to give them up for June.

Dumping your weekly pepperoni pizza takeout saves over 6,000 calories over the month.

Or ditch the fish & chips each week in June, removing 6 teaspoons of salt from your diet.


Ready meals

See the difference in your waistline by cutting out ready meals.

Did you know 7 ready meals can contain the same amount of fat as a block of lard?

Dumping your Indian curry and rice 5 times a month saves over 3,500 calories!


Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks can be surprisingly high in calories and sugar.

Ditch just a bottle of fizzy drink each week in June and cut out over 50 teaspoons of sugar

Did you know a bottle of energy drink contains more calories than 1.5 Mars Bars?


Pick your own

Do you have a different junk food vice?

Go rogue and pick your own vice to give up for June!

Take your pick from blended coffee drinks to sugary cereals and anything in between.

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